And the Winner is…SMITTEN by Juliet Braddock!

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I won an award — a major award!

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After listening to my colleague tell me for months that I needed to submit my books for award consideration, a call for entries for the National Indie Excellence Book Awards popped into my newsfeed.

I’d dismissed her. Refused to take her suggestion. After all, she was just being a supportive friend. All of your friends LOVE your books, you know!

But then I stopped and took a step back…and I clicked on the link. Erotica was accepted.

“Alright, I’m entering this contest. Here’s the link. I’m dropping it in the mail, and we’re not gonna talk about it…” I told my editor, who assured me that SMITTEN was indeed award-worthy.

Quickly, I put the packet together, tossed everything in a bag and took it to work. My aforementioned colleague took it to the Post Office for me. My boss laughed because I refused to discuss it. (I’m out and proud at work with my books, and I’ve got a great support network in my colleagues.) And true to her promise, my editor didn’t mention a single word.

Skip along a couple of months. I have a lot going on. Between work and preparing for my trip to Scotland to visit my editor — and finishing up BLINDSIDED for the fall — time has passed a little too fast.

So there I sat in my living room last Friday, preparing to dive into my To Do list for my trip. I’d taken the day off to run some last-minute errands and was just checking in on some messages.

Ping! Email.

Congratulations, you’re a Winner in the 13th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards!

Huh? Wa-wa-wa-waaaait!

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Did I even enter..oh! Um. Yeah, I did. I read the email at least three times, and then my trembling hands typed out a message to my editor, who was on vacation. I forwarded the email to her, too, because I just didn’t believe it. Plus, her eyes are so much better than mine! (#BlindGirlProblems!)

It seemed like hours passed before I got her response. It was probably 20 minutes. She read it. We won. WE WON! Bonus: We actually get to celebrate this together in Scotland in two weeks!

It just didn’t sink in. Maybe it still hasn’t. But this award is so important to me on a number of levels. This was the first book I wrote after I lost most of my sight in 2017. I proved to myself — and to everyone else — that I could still pursue my passion for writing.

I also wrote this book for a very special guy in my life whom I also lost in 2017, my dear friend Andrew. In fact, there’s a scene in the book that was ripped right from our lives. I’ll let you wonder what that was, but this book was for him.


Andrew last pic

I also dared to write a heroine who defies the norm. January Gallimore is 34-years-old. She’s been there, done that and refused to wear the t-shirt because it didn’t match her runway couture. She’s built with an acerbic wit and the savoir-faire to define her life. In fact, she’s my favorite heroine I’ve published to date.

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And who loves a SALE? Do you love a SALE?

We are celebrating, but I want to include readers on this occasion, too. For a limited time, you can get SMITTEN for half-off! The book has never been on sale, and it’s almost like getting three books for just $1.99 US. (And for the record, I put it on sale in every single market!)

Want to find out why SMITTEN won the National Indie Excellence Book Awards? Here are a few links to get you started.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA


Meanwhile, keep your eye on the blog for my cover reveal for BLINDSIDED. Publication day is November 5, and it’s intense. I can’t wait to introduce you to Josie and Oliver.

Happy Reading!


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Juliet Braddock loves eighties music, wine, food, theater and all things French. When she’s not exploring the big cities of the world—most notably Paris—she lives and writes in Manhattan, and is the proud cat mom to a very spoiled Russian Blue rescue.

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