Summer’s Here!

Well, it was a long, slushy winter, but the warm weather has arrived…I think.

But..can I tell you a secret? I really don’t like summer. I much prefer the cool, crisp temps of fall. Plus, I love the falling leaves and the scents and foods and fashions that colder weather brings. I also have major sensitivity to light now that I’ve lost most of my sight. The strong sunshine hurts my eyes, even with strong sunnies. So I treasure the gray, stormy days. Plus, I just love a good thunderstorm. I think they’re romantic.

So it’s already shaping up to be a very busy summer. I’m moving soon to a much bigger apartment, and I’ve been packing. It’s a challenge now with my low vision, but I’m getting things done with a little help from my friends.

Meanwhile, I’m almost finished with Part One of BLINDSIDED. Josie and Oliver’s story is complex and complicated. The book is layered with the emotion of a love gone wrong as they endeavor to repair the angst from the past in the wake of their greatest challenge yet.

I’m looking at an early 2019 release. But you might have a little surprise before then. More details on that later in the summer. I need to survive my move first. Hey, I made it through brain surgery. I got this.

And while you’re packing for the beach, don’t forget about SMITTEN. It’s the perfect beach read, and it’s set in June in Provence and Paris. It’s a fun romp, and it’s perfect to pass a hot day. Just turn up the air conditioning. It’s one steamy read…

I hope you enjoy the beaches and barbecues of the warmer weather. A safe and happy summer to all!




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Juliet Braddock loves eighties music, wine, food, theater and all things French. When she’s not exploring the big cities of the world—most notably Paris—she lives and writes in Manhattan, and is the proud cat mom to a very spoiled Russian Blue rescue.

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