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Award-winning, Amazon bestselling author Juliet Braddock explores a different sort of Alpha hero in her scorching erotic tales. Having grown tired of the association between BDSM and darkness in so many works of modern fiction, she pairs romantic, affectionate heroes with smart, feisty heroines who know what they want both inside and outside the proverbial Dungeon.

She’s known for her red-hot love scenes that break boundaries in the BDSM genre, both in kink and emotion – with her trademark sense of humor delicately embellishing her carefully choreographed scenes.

While her books explore the depths of feelings and real-life situations, love ultimately triumphs all with some tears and laughter along the way.

Juliet won the National Indie Excellence Book Award for Erotica for SMITTEN, her beloved BDSM romp through France. 

Details on all books follow below. Series books are listed in reading order. The latest books will appear at the top of this list. Titles that are out of print will be marked.


A chilling turn of fate sweeps rival journalists Josie Rossi and Oliver Billington into a fury of angst and lust in BLINDSIDED, the new novel from award-winning author Juliet Braddock. Josie returns to Oliver’s life, forcing him to unveil the emotions he’d harbored since their break-up a decade earlier. But tragedy threatens to destroy every last shred of hope they shared. As their lives converge once again, Josie and Oliver must ultimately decide if trust can salvage the remnants of their love. This book was inspired by the author’s personal experience with vision loss.

BLINDSIDED is available at Amazon and Smashwords.



January Gallimore has arrived at a crossroad in life. Aside from a short-lived scandal that made her the darling of the BDSM lifestyle, she’s America’s Sweetheart, of sorts. She built a career starring in romantic comedies, but she can’t seem to figure out her own love life. Will she choose the older Frenchman who makes her body sizzle…or the younger Englishman whose charms leave her SMITTEN?

SMITTEN is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

Smitten ebook


Tragedy joins artist Chloe Cabot and rising advertising executive Gavin Fletcher. Together, they discover solace in each other’s arms. While Chloe blossoms as Gavin’s submissive under his tough but tender tutelage, she wonders if he might just be the one to break the façade of fear that surrounded her heart. Just as emotion transforms them from reluctant strangers into unlikely but enduring lovers, heartbreak strikes their relationship again, forcing an unforeseen reversal of roles.

BLEMISHED is available at Amazon and Smashwords.



Manhattan Bound delves into the world of Maxine Kirk, a budding publicist fresh-off the bus in New York City, and star of the Broadway stage Drew McKenzie, an Alpha male who’s a hopeless romantic beneath his emotional scars from his past. WEAKENED (Book 1), WRAPPED (Book 2), KNOTTED (Book 3) and BOUND (Book 4) are available at Amazon and Smashwords.

WEAKENED (Book 1) – Against the glittering backdrop of New York City, budding theatrical publicist Maxine Kirk stumbles into the arms of her beloved teenage crush—rising star of the Broadway stage, Drew McKenzie.  Quickly, Drew reveals his daring Dominant nature, unleashing desires that test both Maxine and Drew of their own intentions.  But in this high-stakes game of trust, only the strongest survive.

weakened - final

WRAPPED (Book 2) – Sweeping through the glitz and glamour of New York’s high society and the drama unfolding in the dressing rooms of Broadway, Maxine Kirk dares to embrace a darker side of romance with Broadway star Drew McKenzie.  However, as the nightmarish details of Drew’s unimaginable past emerge, will Maxine take a bow and make her exit…or if she’ll stick around for the encore?

Wrapped - final

KNOTTED (Book 3) – As their love continues to flourish, Maxine Kirk finds herself ensconced in Drew McKenzie’s world, where power reigns in his all-consuming lust for her. From a blackout in Manhattan to a back alley in Paris to a castle in the Loire Valley, their dark romance knows no boundaries. Passion and peril collide, culminating in the explosive revelation of the enigma that’s followed Drew for years.

Knotted - final


BOUND (Book 4) — Through dungeons and castles in the most glamorous cities around the world, Drew, a rising star on Broadway, brought publicist Maxine’s wanton desires to life. Five years later, changes have come to their lives, and Drew and Maxine find themselves facing a life-altering decision. Although their pursuit of kinky pleasures never wanes, will they discover that the happiest place on earth really is right in their own chaotic home?

Bound Final - ebook


Juliet Braddock’s work has also been featured in the following anthologies.

DOMINANT PERSUASIONS (OUT OF PRINT) includes 12 Scintillating tales of Dominance and submission as told by your favorite Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Authors.

In a world of power plays, and safewords, only the strongest can find pleasure in submission. From strangers passing in the night, to lifetime loves that spark with new life; join us in the intriguing world of BDSM.

DOMINANT PERSUASIONS (OUT OF PRINT) features “Fire and Ice: An Excerpt from KNOTTED”  by: Juliet Braddock. What happens when a blizzard immobilizes Manhattan on Valentine’s Day…and a sassy little sub is stuck in her Dungeon with her beloved Dom? With candlelight and a roaring fire to keep them warm on this frigid afternoon, sparks fly between Maxine and Drew as he attempts to cool her down with a bit of tantalizing tenderness…

Dominant Persuasions Cover

DIRTY DOMS (on sale June 29, 2016) serves up 10 of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best-selling authors have delved into the world of BDSM Kink. Explore your darkest desires, and deepest secrets under the expert care of a sexy Alpha Dom.

In Juliet Braddock’s “Professor Knows Best,” Professor Justin Langford is on a mission to teach his star student Sloane Bradford a few lessons in her deepest, dirtiest fantasies. In fact, the last thing he needs is another college girl. Justin wants his very own Baby Girl.

After a miscommunication separates them for a decade, fate reunites the reluctant lovers, and Sloane returns, bruised and slightly broken, to Justin. However, he’s not given up on his pursuit of Sloane—or on his fantasy.

From swing sets to sex shops, Justin challenges Sloane to embrace a life filled with sippy-cups and spankings, all in the name of Daddy’s Little Girl.

However, Sloane has a lot to learn if she’s still intent on being his prized pupil. Will Justin manage to control her rising brat enough to transform Sloane into Daddy’s Little Girl?

FINAL Dirty Doms Cover

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