BLEMISHED: Behind the Music

In BLEMISHED, I see Gavin and Chloe as two old souls who found solace in each other, and the music had to reflect that.

Last fall, I decided to make a trailer, and the music selection is limited, but the haunting lyrics of Brice Davoli’s “Dream Come True” resonated with Gavin and Chloe’s love story.

From there, Standards seem to filter into the story.

Gavin is a self-professed geek, and he’s just been living his life like Nat King Cole — “Day In, Day Out.” Until Chloe comes along…

In Chloe’s quest to find eal happiness for the first time in her life, Johnny Marhis’ “Wonderful Wonderful” became “their song” over frozen margaritas int he middle of a snow storm.

In a whimsical moment, when Chloe’s feeling carefree, I dropped in one of my all-time favorite songs that I’ve adored since I was a small child, Shirley Bassey’s “Bye-Bye Blackbird.” That song just perfectly illustrates Chloe. All her life, she waited for someone like Gavin, and now, she can say good-bye to the blackbird.

And then she has a few too many glasses of wine with dinner…and Gavin is forced to admit that she’s more Bjork than Betty Hutton.

A collection of standards wouldn’t be complete without Tony Bennett, and Gavin has some sweet reflections to this number.

And you can find the full playlist here.

Hope you enjoyed that taste of what’s to come in BLEMISHED. We’re so close now — just  week and some change. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me on this journey. And may you fall in love with Gavin and Chloe on their adventure toward Happily Ever After.



love-1434831I just love writing the first kiss between two characters. It sets the tone for their entire relationship.

Wondering how Gavin and Chloe’s first kiss unfolds in BLEMISHED? Here’s a snippet.

“Are you alright?” she asked, her voice brimming with innocence.

Swallowing, he instinctively moved nearer to her. “Chloe, listen…I’m quite fond of you,” Gavin began. “There’s a part of you that’s gotten under my skin, and I can’t stop thinking about you.”


“Yeah, Chloe?”

She held her breath. She wanted to laugh. She needed to cry. That single moment teemed with so much intensity that Chloe didn’t even realize what she’d said until the words left her lips. “Aren’t you at least going to kiss me?”

She couldn’t believe that as sick as she was, she’d mustered the energy for a possible make-out session with her stranger in shining armor.

As she closed her eyes, her lips opened, slackened with the passion that had been dormant inside her for far too long. For the first time in months, she felt so alive as Gavin’s mouth manipulated hers. The sensual melding of their lips radiated heat throughout her body. In fact, she felt as if someone were holding sparklers against her skin.

Her breath left her body as Gavin’s fingers wove into her long mass of curls to pull her closer, tighter to his lips. With the nip of his teeth and the tickle of his tongue, he teased her into a state of frenzy. His touches just exhausted her of her last bit of energy but filled her with a renewed sense of excitement.

The entire week drained Chloe’s ability to think clearly. Gavin’s sweet persuasion complicated her thoughts, but she knew she had to take a chance. Just this once, she deserved something wonderful.

BLEMISHED is available September 12 at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Teaser Tuesday: Looks Pretty Out of Hand Up There!

It’s #TEASERTUESDAY again! And yes, that was a direct shout out to St. Elmo’s Fire. Hey, I’m a child of the eighties. I couldn’t resist.

And things are out of hand for Gavin and Chloe. Are you ready for for BLEMISHED? Just a month away, and you can get it now for a limited time for just 99 cents.

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